I believe in simple
but not simple

Kittima combines exceptional quality with unconventional elegance. Designed for the professional women’s contemporary lifestyle, garments convey youthfulness through innovative luxury materials and techniques.

The Kittima Prêt-a-Porter collection draws inspiration from the new concept ‘Made in Italy’. It blends authentic high end Italian craftsmanship with international values of trend, style, innovation, visibility and personal branding.

Milan-based designer Kittima Kwangnok was selected by Vogue Italia for the Talents Programme to showcase at Palazzo Morando during Milan Fashion Week February 2015.

For the brand’s collection, Kittima was inspired by the Italian Renaissance era. Particularly by their paintings of portraits, flowers,animals and landscapes. Reimagined for the woman of today; playful, energetic, and youthful. The poetry depicted in their work of art is expressed in the charm of its textures, in textiles like jacquard, organza, silk, cotton and faux-fur. Raw materials are shaped with a great attention to details add an exquisite flair with Italian craftsmanship. Pieces play on an accentuated femininity, on contemporary concepts, such as outstanding volumes. Prints and colors are a touch of cheerfulness that brighten up the modern woman. All happening within the heart of Italy.

Kittima abbina l'eccezionale qualità con l'eleganza non convenzionale.
Kittima, che è disegnata per un lifestyle contemporaneo delle donne professionali,
trasmette giovinezza tramite l'innovazione di materiali di lusso e di tecniche applicate.

La linea pret-a-porter di Kittima prende ispirazione al nuovo concetto del "Made in Italy", che fonde insieme l'autentica artigianalità italiana con i valori internazionali dello stile, tendenza, visibilità e branding personale.

Lo stilista Kittima Kwangnok, che è di base a Milano, è stata selezionata da Vogue Italia per il Talents Programme, per presentare le sue collezioni al palazzo Morando durante la settimana della moda milanese lo scorso Febbraio 2015.